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Playing with Balls

I’ve always had a passion for soccer and I don’t just mean watching the World Cup in a little pub while drowning my brain. I just like to play. More so, I like to juggle (a reference to maneuvering a bouncing ball around one’s body and air without touching the ground). The skill I’ve acquired from years of juggling soccer, volley, and basket balls helped me out when I jumped into hacking (no reference to computation).

As with all skills one has, I pride myself in my ability, but also realize that there are people much more dedicated than I and therefore extremely better in their precision. I thoroughly enjoy juggling with a skilled footsman almost as much as I enjoy the likes of an herbal cylinder. One day, while lazily watching the tube, I stumbled upon this fascinating commercial from Nike. It displays many talented athletes using their skill to pass a soccer ball through and through screens. (We all remember the Scary Movie scene)

After viewing this video, I easily found it on Youtube and decided to venture out and try to find more videos with astonishing soccer acrobatic filling. My conclusion: Nothing compares to this man or this video! Some say it’s bull, CG, or just not possible; I disagree. Just because one cannot conceive of this ability does not mean one’s jealousy cancels out anothers impeccable skill. Enjoy!

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