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Arts and Athletics

Athletics have been the subject of movies, songs, books, sculpture and paintings. Over the course of history, athletics have bloomed into a booming industry and are televised and analyzed 24 hours a day, creating rabid fan bases in cities around the world. When combined what

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Malcolm Gladwell and The Sports Guy

It seems like a strange marriage at first: Bill Simmons, a fratty sports obsessed ESPN Columnist chatting with Malcolm Gladwell, the bestselling uber-geek economist/smart guy. But it turns out that Gladwell is a huge sports fan and Simmons actually has a pretty speedy brain in there. Worth a read… part I, part II.

Liked this one from Gladwell:

Thanks for bringing up Tiger. First thought: Elin has nothing on Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes. Remember? When she suspected Andre Rison was up to no good, she took a fairway wood to five of his luxury cars and then burned down his house. This remains the gold standard against which all spurned women must be measured.

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Hot Body Count = 10

I’m sorry this Tiger Woods stuff is too good to be true! Juicy Juicy! My dad called me the other day and he goes “so, I’m sitting in my car googling Tiger Woods jokes…” hahaha I love it. So I’m reading the Daily Mail (because

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Play Ball for AMERICA!!!

I hate people who say they don’t like sports… really dude? You hate something that brings a bazillion dollars into the economy every year and gives people a much needed (and dare I say, much deserved) break from everyday life. Plus, you don’t have to

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Hack-e Sack’d

Who loves to hack?! Juan and I do. We hack daily with Peter and Chris as a means of aerobic exercise and stress relieving excellence. It has taken over our emotions and provided us with endless smiles, temporarily depleting the frustrations of Drupal and tedious

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Top Grand Canyon Animal Encounters

In anticipation of celebrating my mom’s 65th birthday my family floated and camped through the Grand Canyon for seven days. Because of the killer rapids and strict regulation we went with a guided group. OARS had every thing from filet minon to guides with comprehensive

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Playing with Balls

I’ve always had a passion for soccer and I don’t just mean watching the World Cup in a little pub while drowning my brain. I just like to play. More so, I like to juggle (a reference to maneuvering a bouncing ball around one’s body

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Obama Talks Trash

Dan Steinberg at the D.C. Sports Bog wrote an awesome post about a guy named Miles Rawls trash talking with Obama at the Verizon Center Friday. Rawls is the play by play man for the Goodman Summer League games in Southeast – so he can