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Monthly Archives: March 2009

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Thanks Dave…

So David Letterman had some things to say about all this ‘Obama-uses-the-teleprompter-too-much’ brouhaha (a.k.a. THE MOST POINTLESS PIECE OF CRITICISM IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD). No, no… I take it all back. They’re so right. The prompter is definitely making all the difference. All

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Robert Pattinson Smells

I’m absolutely fascinated with what people will report in this world. Sure, we have the crazy goings on over with the Spear’s clan, hair being chopped off, babies riding in laps in the front seat. And sure there’s Lil Miss Lohan still going crazy despite

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The Farrelly’s “Three Stooges”

HOLY. CRAP. Not a joke, people. This is for real. Say hello to the new Larry, Moe and Curly, courtesy of The Farrelly Bros. And it’s not a biopic about the guys who played the famous trio. This is an actual Three Stooges movie. I’m

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OnLive: The Future of Gaming is Now

One of my high school buddies posted something about being “the belle of the ball” at the Game Developer’s Conference yesterday. I did a little FB research and found out she worked for OnLive. Never heard of it. This morning I was greeted by articles

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Where the Wild Things Are Trailer

[If the embed doesn’t work, go here.] Where the Wild Things Are just released its trailer a few hours ago. I’m completely awestruck. When’s the last time we’ve seen a trailer this good? Yes, it’s a dream team: Spike Jonze, Dave Eggers, Big Daddy Mo

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TopTen Days: Future Inventions

The Future; a novel concept. Fragments of anticipation and vivid imagination sprinkled upon the continuously passing memories of the present. We, as a species, live in the future just as much as we live in the past. Therefore, we establish both equally, calling these experiences