Could it be? 3 Black dudes from Detroit? The first Punk band?


That’s right. Those guys, the Hackney brothers (above). The name of their band, Death. In 1974 their demo tape contained fast guitars, driving drums, pulsing bass, and a voice full of angst and rebellion; what we now know as the punk music. Again, this was 1974. BEFORE Punk existed. Everyone knows that Punk didn’t really get kicked off until about 1976-1977.

So what happened to these guys? And why have you never heard of them? Simple. How in the hell were they going to be introduced to the world? A Black rock band? Named Death? Fat chance. Especially since disco was taking over.

So after much rejection, and being relentlessly stubborn about not changing their name, they slipped into obscurity (and into Vermont.) Until their demo tape from ’74 was discovered in an old attic. The rest is history.

(You can actually buy the demo. It’s called “For the Whole World to See.” It’s even on itunes. It’s AMAZING.)

To hear “Politicians in My Eyes,” click here.

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