Watch Out Burton, I Lived on the Moon!


What is quite possibly one of the best modern music videos, “I Lived on the Moon”, is certainly one of the most stunningly captivating pieces of musical entertainment ever to be visualized.

“I Lived on the Moon” is a lucid step into the world of Yannig Puig and Kwoon, as they portray a story about a father teaching his boy of life on the moon through the art of dreaming. As the song develops, the boy travels through the world of dreams encountering creatures of various types, eventually facing the sun along with its violent counterparts. Tightly eluding the sun, the boy rides away into the night, living his dreams and evading the hostility of society. Puig’s immaculate use of color, composition, and abstract conceptualization are impeccably synchronized with the emotionally powerful tones of Kwoon, easily making “I Lived on the Moon” a masterpiece for all, forever.

The amazing visual euphoria is credited to the awe-inspiring compositional mastermind of animator Yannick Puig.
The song, “I lived on the moon”, is beautifully orchestrated by the post-rock phenomenon Kwoon, off their album Tales and Dreams. Kwoon is a Cantonese word that refers to a training hall for Chinese martial arts, similar to a Dojo.

I know you’ve already fallen in love with both Yannick and Kwoon, so check out the movie’s site! You can read about Yannick’s inspiration in making the short, see original artwork stills, conceptual work, and lyrical content for the song, “I Lived on the Moon.”

Mike Wroblewski

...For eighteen years my mind was held captive by a robotic core nervous system controlled by a secret government paid project called the Asur System. They were able to subjugate my mind in accordance with their "system". Years were spent gathering bits of information and experiencing the events in between objectives. The help of a fated stranger, H, allowed me to free myself from the constraints instilled by the conglomeration. H was able to hack my system and provide me with the freedom to think completely on my own. It was only a matter of time before the conglomeration would get to H. The order was sent for me to take out the very individual who aided in my escape. Luckily, my new abilities had allowed me to combat my wicked ways. In my failure to execute my freer, the hit grew to both of us. After a years of running and hiding they caught up to us, but this time I wasn't able to hold them off. I managed to escape. H did not. Since that day dark day, I've stopped running. Now I am the one chasing. Every day is a beautifully orchestrated battle amongst a field of flowers. The war between the Asur and me is an endless one. Eternally, I absorb information and battle their D-Men as they come along; expanding my mind to fulfill the universe. I am Mr. O'siris

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