We Are Hunted: The Best Way to Hear Music Online


There are a lot of things vying for our attention, and the constant one-upmanship on the web gives us all ADD. That said, try this out. It could revolutionize the way you listen to music online.

We Are Hunted

From Mashable:

Here’s how it works: We Are Hunted aggregates music based on semantic elements like positive sentiment, expression, and advocacy across social networks, forums, music blogs, torrents, P2P networks, and — yes of course — Twitter. The end result is 99 songs that the social web has proclaimed worthy of listening to.

On top of listening to tracks, you can buy the songs you love, as well as filter the top 99 online music chart by today, week, month, or year. And if you choose, you can switch things up and view the top 99 artists using those same filters.

Oh, and if you’re expecting the list to be a who’s who of the top 40 chart, think again. Most of the tracks popular today are anything but the radio hits we’ve come to expect. Sure, you’ll chance upon Britney Spears and Kayne West in the top artist category, but We Are Hunted serves up plenty of other really unique artists and songs to keep you entertained.

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  1. Anna says:

    This is great! I was asking around yesterday for something just like this. I was adding too much “variety” to my Pandora playlists and I wasn’t hearing anything new – then I met my free listening limit for the month. So thanks for the tip!

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