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Daily Archives: September 15, 2009

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Atlus – Square-Enix’s Overthrower?

Maybe the title’s a bit far-fetched, but it’s entertaining nonetheless, with a hint of truth. We all know of Square-Enix (SE)… Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Star Ocean. But how many know of Atlus? It wouldn’t surprise me at all if you’ve played Atlus titles, and

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Top Ten Patrick Swayze Movies

At this very moment I am in a room with two Patrick Swayze aficionados. They’ve been texted by a surprising amount of people condolences. I am re-watching Dirty Dancing with them, after that we’re onto his SNL episode, and hopefully we’ll have time for Point

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His sophomore album, BLEACH’d OUT, coming this Fall Much like GACKT, MAJA is an artist whom I explained in my internet post. MAJA is a nerdcore hip hop artist who found an online following amongst anime fans and video gamers. Rapping about anime, video games

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September Girls Mix

Making mixes was my life for a good decade, and I still dabble from time to time, though I miss handing off tapes and CDs to friends. But maybe this will prove a decent venue… Here’s one of my friends’ favorites, a mix I made

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Classic Interview: Marvin Gaye

Check out a young Tom Joyner interviewing a broke, heart broken, anguished Marvin Gaye. Even with rust from the bottom of the barrel caked under his fingernails, he’s the coolest. Forever.