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Top Ten New Bands of 2010

I really only took one factor into account when figuring out what constitutes a new band in this list: their first full length album was released in this country in this calendar year. So you may try to argue that some of these bands don’t

Top Ten #fatindiebands

Twitter has a new hashtag meme, and it happens to be my favorite one so far. Here is my own personal top ten (in alphabetical order), culled from the amazingly brilliant people I happen to follow. Then there were some that I found terribly amusing,

Top 10 Substitute F*ck Songs, a la Glee

On this past week’s episode of Glee, Gwyneth Paltrow guest starred as the super-cool-and-hip substitute teacher. She came into a classroom flush with discontent for the outdated song choices put before them (which is a bit silly, in my opinion, since they’ve had full episodes

10 Songs For 100 Days Of Oil Spill

Tomorrow marks 100 days since the BP oil spill in the gulf. I know they “successfully” capped it, but as long as that sucker is still leaking, I’m saying there is still an oil spill. But this disaster got me thinking a lot about the

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Lost’s Final Episodes: My Top Ten Fears

Well, only six episodes to go. Some of my theories have been dramatically disproven, others are still flopping on the table, awaiting further evidence. It’s been a pretty good ride so far… but there have been almost as many questions as answers, and we have

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03.15.10 My Top Ten RIGHT NOW

1. LOCATION Las Vegas Disgusting, overly opulent, excessive and quite possibly the best damn two and half days in recent memory. Whether wondering from overdone hotel to insanely themed hotel, beverage always in hand, sunning ourselves at the pool, losing money on penny slots and

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The Kinks Konspiracy

About 50 years ago, the British Invasion introduced us to acts like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and The Who: bands that have been time-tested as some of the most influential of the 20th century. But few people know or remember The Kinks. Sure, the

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Top Ten Crazy Lost Theories (Homebrewed)

Sometime last week, as I was rewatching bits and pieces of Season 5, that feeling came back. It’s a sensation that took me back in 2004, when the hatch was closed, the Island was new, and Hurley was just a chubby stranger with a golf