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For all of you who haven’t seen the off-broadway hit, FELA!, kill yourselves now. Or…just go see it. Now. It’s a musical about the late Nigerian activist, and father of Afrobeat, Fela Kuti. It’s rich with culture, passion, and awesome music (Antibalas plays as Kuti’s

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Burn Before Watching

Saturday night I went to the movies to see the new Coen brothers flick, Burn After Reading. Though I’d love to tell you all about this movie, and how it’s basically like the 2008 version of Pulp Fiction, which in my opinion is AWESOME, I

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10 Things I Learned From “Man On Wire”

For those who don’t know, there’s this French guy, Philippe Petit, who is a hire wire artist. That’s right, a high wire artist. Before learning of Mr. Petit, I always referred to this type of “artist” as a tightrope walker, or a circus dude. But

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Give Me A Greatest Hits Album!

The other day I went to the record store (the place that sells music on cds, not vinyl, so I guess it’s technically the music store, though it doesn’t sell instruments…) to do my weekly Tuesday peruse. It’s been a habit of mine since high

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Hot and Cold

I think most, if not all New Yorkers would agree, that winter in the city is a frosted version of hell. Whether it be the snow piled high enough to drown a teenager, or the cutting wind that chaps the necks of unsuspecting tourists, the