Alluda Majaka aka The Best Action Scene of All Time

Alluda Majaka aka Alluda Mazaaka…! made in 1995 could very well be the best action film you’ve never heard of. Arguably one of the most artistically driven jaw dropping creations I’ve ever seen. It also involves an incredible amount of horse torture, and the filmmakers wanted to let us know they definitely hurt people, animals, and cars to make this piece. So watch the wonder, and read about this fantastic film from Telugu.

IMDb says
This movie has gained fame in recent years because of the scene where the horse slides under a truck.

Lies ~ This movie has more unbelievable scenes to offer. Such as this Tractor Fight. Yup, I said it. TRACTOR FIGHT.

OR how about the best punch cinema has ever offered, ever.

The movie was directed by E.V.V. Satyanarayana at a time when Chiranjeevi (the protagonist) was going through a lean phase (like John Travolta before Pulp Fiction). By lean I actually mean lean, and not low on work. He’s usually much fatter than he was here. The film gave the fledgling Tollywood megastar a much needed megahit, the movie’s raunchy dialogue ensured it a tumultuous battle with Indian censors, who condemned it for being “superfluously laden with double entendres” (like Sex in the City). Although there were other movies with worse dialogue Alluda Majaka drew critics attention since Chiranjeevi had a following among family audiences.

Silky Johnson from This is Why it Sucks described Alluda as this
This 1995 movie stars Chiranjeevi (who is apparently the Indian equivalent of Chuck Norris) as Mr. Toyota, a man wrongly accused of some type of crime who is forced to go on the lam as a fugitive. That is about all I was able to find out about the plot, and I have to admit that is nothing mind-blowing as far as originality is concerned. But who cares about a lame back story when you have intense action scenes that make The Bourne Identity look like Ghandi. And just to ease your mind, the creators of the movie wanted to let everyone know that many extras, stuntmen, and horses were harmed in the making of this film.

Finally a little background on Telugu culture for those interested from Wikipedia.
Telugu (natively telugu, sometimes also anglicized as Telegu) is a Dravidian language native to the Indian subcontinent. It is the official language of Andhra Pradesh, one of the largest states of India. It is also one of the twenty-two scheduled languages of the Republic of India and was conferred the status of a Classical language by the Government of India.

Want to see the whole thing? Here is a link to the rapidshare files.

We just saw a horse slide and tractor fight. Let’s all bow our heads a moment in reverence for the work.


Thanks Andy Belford for the find.

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