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Monthly Archives: November 2010

The TSA Gets Real… Funny! Top 5 Travel Tips

I know I know! We’re supposed to be mad at the TSA. I’m pretty willing to do anything to avoid not being blown to bits in the sky, but whatever, it’s America, we can all have our opinions. That’s why we live here. Yesterday the

Top Ten Things I’m Ashamed to Say I Enjoyed

On the art of sentimentality… There is a sentimental streak that runs deep beneath the surface of my artistic soul and critical exterior shell. I like to think of it as my tasty sweet caramel center. This core value exerts itself in oddly strong reactions

Top 10 Substitute F*ck Songs, a la Glee

On this past week’s episode of Glee, Gwyneth Paltrow guest starred as the super-cool-and-hip substitute teacher. She came into a classroom flush with discontent for the outdated song choices put before them (which is a bit silly, in my opinion, since they’ve had full episodes

Friday Round Up is going to be a PRINCESS!!

Woooooo!! Ok, not really. But! Kate Middleton is. This week’s round-up is brought to you by sapphire engagement rings and CRUSHED childhood dreams! (seriously, I had a Prince William calendar and at one point my mom sat me down and had to tell me that

Invasion of the Body Scanners – TSA Edition

With all the drama about John Tyner not wanting his junk touched I thought the world needed another video about body scanners. Turns out they are pretty creepy. I mean what do they shoot you will if not radiation. As someone who has been told

Embarrassing Green Lantern Trailer

It’s kind of frightening when a trailer is so abysmal it almost shatters world records. In the new Green Lantern trailer we see Van Wilder come up against insurmountable odds as he dons the universe police jump suit. We honestly thought it was a joke

Science, Yoda & the Buddha Agree…

Science has finally conceded to what the zen buddhists and residents of Dagobah have been saying since time immemorial: to be happy, just live in the moment. People spend 46.9% of their waking lives thinking about something other than what they’re actually doing. It’s a