Magnetic Fields Documentary!

My first three months living in New York were lonely. I lived in my aunt’s attic that summer, and all my friends who went to school in NYC were back home. I had an internship that was pure tedium. As I recall it, all I really did those days was listen to Magnetic Fields albums and mope around my aunt’s huge empty house. And that was after a senior year spent largely in my college radio station listening to Magnetic Fields albums at all hours of the night.

All of which is to say, Stephin Merritt’s a genius – and a damn entertaining one – and I’m excited that he’s finally getting (or maybe the better word is “allowing”) his own documentary. It comes out next week at Film Forum and then all over the place. It had a really similar festival trajectory to our Second Skin, which makes it feel even more like a kindred spirit. Doesn’t look too shabby either.

Check out their site here. And the trailer:

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  1. Jeremy Kotin says:

    You should all definitely make a point to see it! Aside from capturing an awesome band, my friend Sarah Devorkin edited the piece… should be an excellent one!

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