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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Friday Round-Up is Spooky Scary!!

It’s that time again ladies and gents! 1. Boys becoming men, men becoming WOLVES. I… I just don’t think that song can sustain itself for that long! (I should watch more 30 Rock, in general, as a rule.) 2. It’s the 25th anniversary of Back

The best film studies course ever…

This shit is hilarious –brought to my attention via our very own Hawkes Klein. And it’s compelling me to make a list of funniest and least likely films to be featured in a film studies course. Suggestions??? Source:

Kwon & Juan Review: Part 2 – Jackass 3D

Do I even need to intro this film? Johnny Knoxville et. al unleash their antics again — this time, with a new fancy super camera that puts you right in the middle of all the grossness. And I believe the image below says it all:

Kwon & Juan Review: Part 1 – Waiting For Superman

Team K&J, being entirely impressive and possessing mind-boggling endurance (or just being big time movie geeks), went for a two-fer this past weekend, taking in the Davis Guggenheim-helmed Waiting For Superman, a documentary that tackles our broken education system… and the Johnny Knoxville-led injury-filled romp,

Yarn Porn

It’s become quite fashionable to dub geeky things porn lately. I’ve seen “space porn” and “math porn” thrown around on blogs when there’s something worth geeking out about. So for those of you who think this post’s title means “something amazing made out of yarn”

10.25.10 My Top Ten RIGHT NOW

On the art of stretching… No, I’m not referring to yoga. I’m currently at a lovely juncture in my young career of making a bit of a left turn, finally getting the opportunities that have more to do with my intended future and less to

Diary of A Wedding Planner! Q&A

Hello Friends! This week’s special edition of the round up is a special treat! Brandi Ford, writer, actress, mother, future super-star and friend of mine from High School is now creating her own web series “Diary of a Wedding Planner.” I’m a sucker for smart

Top Ten Geek Gods

As a teen, I was warped by reading swords and sorcery novels, painting miniature goblin and dwarf figurines, and collecting polyhedral dice. Twenty-five years later, I wrote the book Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks to unearth the root of my attraction to tales of magical