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Monthly Archives: August 2010

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Friday Round Up is Grateful for the Small Things

Well color this girl extremely emotional today. 1. I just have to start with this Chilean mine collapse thing. Have you heard? 33 miners are trapped well below the earth’s surface, they’ve been there for a while and they will be there for a while.

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R.I.P. Kon Satoshi

Yay… More deaths… On August 24, we lost another great mastermind, Kon Satoshi. The famed director of such works as the psychological thriller Perfect Blue as well as Tokyo Godfathers, and Millennium Actress, lost his fight with pancreatic cancer. Satoshi is survived by his wife

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The Situation Will Make $5Million Dollars in 2010

So the news broke yesterday that Mike “The Situation” is set to make around $5 million dollars this year. FIVE MIIIILLION DOLLARS! People are pissed. I literally had several people write on their facebook pages: THIS IS WHAT’S WRONG WITH AMERICA! Ummm. No. THIS is

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Top Ten Worst J-Music Artist Names

List by Andrew Monkelban, Explanations by Tanya Peacock Japanese music (J-Music), much like American is categorized into numerous genres — JPop, JHip-Hop, JRock, etc. I listen to a lot of J-Music, so I’ve come across quite a few artists and bands with bad names over

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My New Favorite TV Show: Melissa & Joey

I’m giddy with excitement right now! 3:04 minutes into the Pilot of Melissa & Joey and I’m thrilled to have this opportunity. Thank you ABC Family. First and foremost let it be said now that Melissa Joan Hart looks goddamn AWESOME. She looked awesome in

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Top Ten Common Misconceptions

For all those feeling too confident in your education, here are some of the awesome things we were mistaught in school. (I took them from this list – Jah bless Wikipedia.) Hopefully this doesn’t completely shatter your world. 10. Christopher Columbus’s efforts to obtain support

The White Roof Project

A couple of months ago I got really inspired at an environmental committee event on earth day. The speaker was Dan Miner, and he spoke passionately about urban heat islands. Two months later I accidentally started a non-profit, and found myself building an epic infographic

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Friday the 13th Round Up

I didn’t even realize it was Friday the 13th until like half way through the day! I’m spending the day catching up on my correspondence and fiddling around the interwebs. Just wrote a neato bio about myself… It’s up there in the “About” section. Which