Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work

About six months ago someone told me that Joan Rivers was going to make a documentary. My initial question was, haven’t we already seen the Joan Rivers documentary throughout her career? Six months later, after seeing the documentary “Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work”, I received the answer to my question. No.

Sure, we have seen Joan go through many plastic surgery debacles. Yes, we have seen her quick and brutal humor. And, yes we have seen her controversial moments; whether getting banned from the red carpet or her “back in the spotlight” win on Celebrity Apprentice.

What we didn’t know, and what we get a glimpse into, is the real Joan. You know the volunteering; calendar hoarding, crying (whining at times) Joan. There truly are many real Ah ha moments that show just how real Joan is. For instance:

Joan Rivers was brutally shut out of her friend Johnny Carson’s life with one phone call.

Joan Rivers had to say goodbye to a friend and business partner for over 40 years, the only person who knew all of her history.

Joan Rivers is insecure, which Melissa (Joan’s daughter) clearly points out many times.

Most important, Joan Rivers wants to be accepted. In order to fulfill this need, Joan fills her schedule with back to back performances and events. Even if the occasion isn’t relevant, Joan has a need to be accepted. And lets be honest, who doesn’t want to be accepted?

Joan Rivers is really like everyone else. The only difference is she knows how to laugh about it. How many of us can truly say we find the humor in the pain and insecurities of life, so much so they can make a living off of it?

If you are looking for laughs, tears, and plastic surgery this is a documentary you don’t want to miss.

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