Racing Dreams: Movie of the Year?

Just got word that my homeboy Marshall Curry’s new movie Racing Dreams will be in theaters this May. A couple of reasons to check it out:

1. Marshall’s first movie Street Fight is my #1 favorite documentary of all time (a Top Ten list I’ve had on the back burner for over two years). If you haven’t caught Street Fight, toss it on your Netflix. It will blow your mind.

2. The LA Times dubbed Racing Dreams the best movie of the year. Damn that’s high praise. But I’m not surprised.

3. Making documentaries is a near-impossible feat these days- we need to support the good ones.

4. Marshall was insanely helpful with Second Skin, entertaining our phone calls and emails with patience and thoughtful answers. He’s a really good dude.

5. NASCAR baby! This looks like the Friday Night Lights of racing!

Check out Racing Dreams here.

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