PS22 Kids Choir Will Melt Your Face Off

Maybe it’s my many years as a teacher tugging on my heartstrings here, but it’s jaw-dropping to see what Mr.B’s kids choir has accomplished. This Staten Island public school choir teacher has had his kids perform with Common, Tori Amos, Crowded House and a slew of other celebrities. They’ve been on the Today Show, MTV a bunch of times, CNN. Hell, they actually made it into the latest Passion Pit album as a backing choir!

I was dubious of clicking play when I came across this video- wasn’t a huge fan of the Langley School Project all those years ago, and figured this was just more exploitation of cute kids to score a viral video. But this is actually really stirring, and an awesomely soulful take on the song. This guy’s choice of songs is fantastic- my two favorite tracks of 2009 (Lisztomania and Walking On a Dream) are both covered.

As a lapsed documentary film guy, I can’t help but see the potential for an amazing doc here- Glee + Mad Hot Ball Room- done well it’d be so damn successful.

More please, PS22!

To check out all of their stuff, go here.

Some more of my favorites below:

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