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An article I wrote on Avatar was published on Psychology Today’s Geek Pride blog. Check it out here. I copied the beginning below.

Well, he did it. And I doubt many of us are surprised.

James Cameron’s Avatar finally surpassed his last movie, Titanic, as the world’s all-time top grossing film. Meanwhile, videos exploring the sexual possibilities of neuron-tendrilled Na’vi ponytails are sprouting up all over the web, China is renaming a mountain “Avatar Hallelujah Mountain”, and aspiring Earthbound Na’vis are getting suicidal as they suffer from post-Avatar melancholy and Pandora withdrawal.

It’s to the last point I’d like to speak. Serotonin-challenged Avatar geeks, fret not, for Pandora is assuredly coming. In time, we’ll all get the chance to be Jake Sully.

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