88 Lines About 44 Pumpkins, or Don’t Let Me Down Billy Corgan

Assignment: Billy Corgan

I remember the moment very clearly. My brother and I are in LA the day the Smashing Pumpkins’ newest CD is released. I run into Best Buy and practically frisbee the disc to the cashier. I tear off the wrap and jam it in my car’s CD player. Ten minutes later I take it out, never to listen to it again.

There are still some of us huge Pumpkins fans out there, salivating for another quality SP release. Fans who braved Zwan, and Corgan’s detestable solo album- maybe even flipped through his poetry book at a book store. I’m almost embarrassed to admit how much I love and listen to those grungy bastards, and how I still patiently believe that something great will come out of that man’s mouth again.

Well, Paste just announced-

With the band’s just-released plan for it’s new series of EPs, it seems like the Smashing Pumpkins could re-enter the grace of fans and critics alike. Hold the scoffing. Yes, we realize the title is a tad, um, verbose. But in a recent statement, Corgan said that, beginning in October, the band will release 11 EPs of four songs each, together called Teargarden by Kaleidyscope, through spring of 2010. Once all 44 songs have been released, a physical box set (the band’s second to date) will hit shelves, and the Pumpkins will launch a world tour. Oh, and all the music is free. As in, you won’t have to join an e-mail list or sign up for anything. Free music, no strings attached.

Well, SP’s penchant for vomitous titles is back- here’s hoping the music is once again as fantastic as the titles are godawful. Four free old-timey Smashing Pumpkins songs a month would more or less make my 2010.

[Also, in case you hunger for newer, great Smashing Pumpkins music, I couldn’t recommend Silversun Pickups’ albums (especially Carnavas) more. I think this guy ate Billy Corgan.]

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