The State out on DVD today.


For everyone out there who has been holding there breath for the release of the State on DVD… it’s finally here. They’re even playing reruns on MTV2 so that new watchers can see what it was like to be in middle school with the rest of us who grew up with it.

This is one of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen in my life. It defined what I thought was funny as much as the Simpsons did. I’ve been to their reunion shows, seen Stella perform a few times, watched Wet Hot American Summer a whole bunch, Reno 911, and avidly enjoyed all of their individual careers since this gem. However, there is just something magical about seeing all of these guys together under one roof.

I thought I would be able to buy this years and years ago. Due to insanely silly rights problems this hasn’t been able to come out until just now. Go get it and remember what it was like to stay up watching Liquid Television on MTV. If you’re interested in watching it with someone who is a fan look no further than my house tonight where I’ll be doing a marathon.

Juan Carlos Pineiro Escoriaza

Juan Carlos directed two acclaimed films: "Know How" a musical written and acted by youth in foster care, and "Second Skin" a documentary on virtual worlds. He is Director of Social Action Impact & Public Affairs at Participant Media, and the Founder of White Roof Project, a nonprofit organization curbing climate change. @jcpe

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  1. Hawkes Klein says:

    we’re having a marathon!

  2. Hawkes Klein says:

    we’re having a marathon!

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