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Daily Archives: August 3, 2009

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Google Is Racist

Try this fun trick at home- start writing google searches that begin “why do ___(ethnic group)” and see just how far our society’s come, nine years into the new millennium! In case you’d like to see all of our amazing societal advancement in one place,

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Best Friend’s Drunk Wedding Email

I never realized that my best friend Hank wrote the best emails on the eve of major life events, while properly sloshed. This one is so classic I couldn’t resist sharing it. * * * * * * Well, I’m going to start this when

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8.03.09 My Top Ten RIGHT NOW

Broken iPod edition… 1. MOVIE Funny People (2009) Before I say anything nice about this movie, Judd Apatow, please find yourself an editor that will make your movies a watchable, logical length. Yes, your actors are funny, but humorous improv can only occupy so much