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The Weekly Theoretical: How to Be a Better Gamer


The answer is quite simple, at least to me. Read more! I truly believe that a stunning mastery of two-dimensional button play can be achieved through an increase in literary consumption. How have I come to this conclusion?

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Reading to me, has always been a gruesome task that I felt was only necessary for a successful life throughout school as well as correct interpretation of foreign films. It was only up until recently that I found some true value in reading (other than instructional know-how). More recently, reading has become a thing I enjoy doing, although it may take me considerably longer than the average daily reader. That has also always been something that dragged me on about the activity; until I realized that this lack of speed could progressively become speedier (with persistent reading of course).

Upon this realization it became clear to me that reading doesn’t only provide one with many beautifully insightful stories, or for that matter poorly written dreadful ones. It also strengthens the eyes’ ability to incorporate information quickly from a two-dimensional surface at a voluntary pace. One might argue that movies and other forms of visual media do the same, and although they very well might, the viewer has no choice as to the length of time that passes during a series of motion pictures. So, the speed in which one reads any form of literature is completely dependent upon the individual’s ability to acknowledge and process the information at a continuous rate.

This also applies to the video game realm, where in a virtual world one can control the time it takes to defend, attack, and a number of other actions. This is mostly based upon the player’s ability to incorporate information and react. Processing the information written on pages and pages of text is very much similar to the constant attention to detail needed to be proficient in the pixel world.

Theories often stem from random analysis of daily events and behavioral patterns of other forms of life. This particular idea rooted from my own lack of video game skilliture. I noticed that many of my ‘gamer’ friends, being so skilled in their coordination of senses, are also avid readers with a much larger mental library than I. Wondering if the gaming skills could have possibly sprouted from a better sense of physical coordination, I rejected that concept quickly knowing that a good amount of those friends are actually rather clumsy. With all of these details noted, the only conclusion I could come to is that literature is to blame for the enhanced gaming abilities that many people, generally big readers, possess.

I’m no psychologist nor would I fully understand how to prove/disprove such an intrinsic phenomena, but I would truly like to know; if you consider yourself good gamer, do you and/or have you done a copious amount of reading?

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