Entrepreneurs, Level Up: 999 Business Ideas


Recession blues got you floating in the dead sea of unemployment?

Life’s meaning fading as your career careens into said sea?

Become an entrepreneur! Manifest your destiny, hombre!

Some business website just released this little compendium of 999 Ideas For a Small Business. From peddling hamster burial kits, to starting a dating service for couples to find couple-friends, these guys have covered the range of bizarre, ridiculous, and sometimes decent.

A few notable ones I stumbled on (no way in hell I’m reading all 999):

– Rent a wingman.

– Service to purchase collectibles for you while I’m on trip

– Fingernail clippers and other household items shaped like sea creatures.

– Pull the Trigger.com: a streaming site that allows users to aim and fire real bullets at junk

(All 999 after the jump…)

– Higher quality snack boxes sold inside the airport (since on-plane snack boxes are bad)

– Driving Drummer. Steering wheel cover/drum synthesizer. Drum sounds come out of your speakers.

– A service that connects the homeless with someone who is regularly integrated into society. This person will become friends with the homeless person and talk with them, help them to believe in themselves again.

– Ethical Hotline – Ethics experts answer questions related to ethics for fee per hour

– A restaurant with a digital menu where users can vote on and create menu items – “The Julie Lewisburger”

– Custom Jelly Bean Store that allows consumer to pick from exotic flavors, like cilantro or bacon.

Please read some more and post some good ones- I’ll never make it through this list alone!

999 Business Ideas

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