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Daily Archives: February 4, 2009

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Top Ten of Patent Trolling

A patent troll… what an insane concept. The name conjures up a whole awesome unwritten world of Corporate Fantasy. Tax elves, Vice-Associate Unicorns, Minotaur LLCs… damn, I think I’ve got a series to write! (Stay on topic, Jamie) As someone who’s working in a relatively

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Speaking of Valentine’s Day <3

Nothing will beat these! Order your own “Law & Order SVU” Valentines here Also, for added amusement if you click on “Letters to Walken” in the right hand corner you get a list of children’s letters to Christopher Walken. Brandon Bird’s kind of my hero

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How to Avoid Dying

The other day Victor was telling a couple of us about how he was saved from being run over by a telephone pole in High school. This one’s for you…