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So we have something that is going into direct competition with Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari. Google Chrome ladies and gentlemen is the new internet browser that will outdo them all (or so they want us to believe). It’s being touted by the guys over at google as a revelation. They took a note from politics, and accidentally leaked a web comic about their new software yesterday (no one accidentally leaks information on a Monday). They said it would be available today, but so far at 8:44am there is still no sign of this unbelievable web browser. Should we be excited for it or has google life become a sad misuse of my spare time?

I wouldn’t call myself an early adopter of glife, but I suppose that I’ve become one slowly over time. Glife is more like powering up in a video game whereas Microsoft tries to stuff you in its robosuit from the get go. Anyways thinking about it now I was a super early adopter – even web programs that I was using early on (like Writely) by other companies eventually got bought up by the behemoth. So now they are trying to shoot down IE. Will their crosshairs accidentally fall on their friends like Firefox and Safari? Either way I have to say we saw this one coming from a mile away. The blogosphere has a lot of interest/hate spewing out of it already. So why not add a little…

The whole “Don’t be evil” slogan is laughed at by many as Google seizes the reigns from an aging Microsoft.
So why do they continue to go into all of these places? The answer is simple. They have to. Like any company as a startup everyone roots for you. The love is in place because you know your community, and that intrepid group wants your products to succeed. Then as you expand your friends are still with you to the end, but the company is much less personal than it ever was before. It’s impossible to keep that kind of relationship with your consumer. As the market becomes larger more needs have to be met. Growth occur sexponentially, and shoddy programs get thrown on the market for this reason. The checks and balances can’t keep up with the company’s need to push software out the door.

Google has so many gadgets at this point, and many with only a portion of the functionality you would wish them to have. A behemoth can throw money at a lot of problems at once, and it needs to because the bottom line for its growing company is also ballooning. The quality of the products suffer because it is so much hard to control something like this.

On Cnet a guy named Timtak said something I’ve been thinking for awhile:

“Google Chrome can, and I believe will become an OS, in that it will take over the function of an OS.

As web applications such as Google Docs, Gmail, Google SketchUp, Google/Picasa image editing, YouTube & Eyespot video editing, online icon editors, and all the advanced online flash based games become more popular. Their growth will be fueled by the fact that they are for the most part free, and they run in the same way on any computer that the uses to log in. When that happens, for most intents and purposes the browser will be the OS since applications will all run inside it.

The OS (Windows/linux/Apple OSs) will become akin to the firmware, or the DOS that existed underneath earlier versions of Windows. It will be there for those that need the greatest computer power, but fewer and fewer people will be bothered to use it.

The fact that the Google Chrome is multitasing and the task tabs are at the top above the browser address signals this move to OS-ness.

Google Chrome will have a tough time living up to the motto “do no evil,” since it will do everything else.”

I’m with you Timtak. This is where we are heading without a doubt in my mind. Smart move Google. Smart move.

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