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Daily Archives: September 10, 2009

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The Old Ways Are the Best

South Africans decided to pit a carrier pigeon against their broadband service. Guess who won? Full story here. Thanks to Belinda, our international correspondent, for the scoop.

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Retro Review: Miracle at St. Anna

It’s somewhat fitting that Spike Lee decided to make this film on the heels of a public (and unfortunate) spat with Clint Eastwood over the lack of representation of African Americans in both of Eastwood’s World War II films, Flags of Our Fathers and Letters

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Learn Something New Every Day

Once a day, a delightful factoid to shoehorn into cocktail conversations comes your way. In the past three minutes I’ve learned- 95% of people can guess someone’s sex from smelling their breath. Thomas Edison was afraid of the dark. Salvador Dali designed the Chupa Chups