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Starting things Up

This is Popten. Eventually this will be a place where you’ll catch up on what is awesome to look at, listen to, and be a part of. Not to mention everyone will have their very own top10 lists to rank just about anything. Unfortunately the programming is taking a while longer than I would have liked.

Recently we met up to discuss Popten, and thought it was high time we started blogging. Time to get our chops down, and figure out who is doing what kind of thing. So, I created this really crappy looking blog. Mostly because the real design is on the way, and no one is going to get attached to the way this looks.

Things start out really grassroots right? For the most part we’re all living off of pennies, side jobs, and gusto. A lot of us have some artistic talent… but it’s still not fully realized as of this date. Here and there we’re all catching buzz in our own ways. I think that’s all a part of what makes us good.

Once the blogging gets going… I’ll take down this post. I just need a little filler so I can test this out.

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