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Reflecting on Liquid Crystals

Many believe that authors and storytellers of the past have predicted what the future will be like, years, decades,even centuries later. Although this may be true to some extent, I believe the future lies in the hands of the creative few that speak on the whims of their imaginations.

I realized this concept to be more or less true throughout many nostalgic moments watching old science-fiction movies, such as The Running Man or THX 1138, and seeing the ideas for futuristic gadgetry.

This concept is not only distinguished in the 80’s nor is it only applicable to bulbous flat screen TVs. Depictions of the material future are seen in many modern films such as I-Robot, The Island, and Wall-E (although I would argue this is more of a simple analysis based on the new lethargic nature caused by computers). Holographic three-dimensional images, flying cars, touch screen newspapers, are all things of the…now. Maybe not quite…yet, but this brings me to my really cool gadget of the week.

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Sex Sells: Top Ten Advertising Innuendos

They say that sex sells and they, whoever they are, were right! Through many lonely afternoons gazing mindlessly at the boob-tube, I’ve contemplated vast fantasies, simultaneously succumbing to the manipulative tactics of advertising gurus. Then it clicked! I began to realize that all these commercials