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In these pants, I make gold records.

Technology is awesome. It allows us to take our outdated Christopher Walken fetishes and make procedural music out of them with little to no absolutely no effort. Yes… the future (or at least a paper-thin slice of the present) is here. My greatest and only

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Top Ten Working Albums

So I’m staring down a long dark tunnel called Thesis Year… shut in a warehouse space with ten other amazingly intelligent and amazingly distracting Interactive Media Masters students. I’ll be spending ten or more hours a day in front of a monitor, with occasional breaks

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Wide, carpeted halls, too early in the morning; the symphony starts with the industrial vacuums running figure eights, retreating and returning, fortissimo, pianissimo. Lulled almost to sleep, hunched against a fake wall with the cuffs of my Good Pants dusting the only square inch of