Top Ten Coolest TV Characters from the ’90s

1. Daria

Being the cynical, anti-social painter was never so cool.
P.S. Quinn and the fashion club like totally sucked.


Memorable Quote: “People call me a feminist whenever I express sentiment that differentiates me from a doormat or a prostitute.”

2. Donna Martin (90210)

One of the fashionable “it” girls in the 90210 zip code. She proved you can be popular and still have your V-Card.

MQ: “I was brought up believing I’d wait ’til I got married. I just can’t wipe that all out because of how my body feels.”

3. Kimberly, Pink Power Ranger (Power Rangers)

One badass chick. No explanation needed.

MQ: “Pink Ranger Power!”

4. Uncle Jesse (Full House)

The Elvis loving, hunky uncle with the best hair. Everyone wanted to be “Jessie’s Girl”.

MQ: “Have Mercy!”

5. Zack Morris (Saved by the Bell)

The dreamiest, most awesome, prankster at Bayside High and The Max. Not many Lisa Frank notebooks were left unbranded by his name.

MQ: “I like school. It’s just too bad classes get in the way.”

6. Daniel Desario (Freaks and Geeks)

The underdog, stoner freak who no one could resist. He may have been a mess, but a HOT mess.

MQ: “Wow. That designated driver is pretty hot. I’d like to get her drunk.”

7. Kelly Bundy (Married…With Children)

The trashy blonde slut. However, she would have kicked your ass, then stolen your boyfriend.

MQ: Too dumb to quote.

8. Buffy (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Not your average sexy cheerleader. What other high schooler had the [lady] balls to kill vampires and date one?

MQ: “I’m putting my life on the line, battling the undead. Look, I broke a nail, ok? I’m wearing a press-on. The least you could do is exhibit some casual interest.”

9. Angela Chase (My So-Called Life)

The “real” voice of teenagers in the grunge era. Life lessons such as what time to sneak out at night.

MQ: “There’s something about Sunday night that really makes you want to kill yourself. Especially if you’ve just been totally made a fool of by the only person you’ll ever love, and you have a geometry midterm on Monday.”

10. Dawson Leery (Dawson’s Creek)

The quintessial boy next door. His window was always open for popcorn and foreign films.

MQ: “You and I are meant to be together, Joey. Period. The end. Cue happy ending music.”

Don’t forget kids keep partying like it’s 1999!

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  1. Trisha says:

    Daria was a writer not a painter. That was her best friend Jane. Get it right.

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