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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Top Ten Angry Birds Things

If you know me in real life, most likely you also know that I am somewhat obsessed with all things Angry Birds. So I was super excited last week when the indie rock duo Pomplamoose released an awesome cover of the AB theme song. It

Top 10 Alternate Uses For Socks

Socks. Who’d have thought a six-to-twelve inch long tube of fabric could be so useful? Well, I did, for one. That’s why I turned to my foot-focused friends from Socks, Inc. to come up with these ten ‘less conventional’ uses for these miracles of the

This Week in Art News and Internet Eye Candy

Included in this installment: Obama fights conspiracy theory with humor, a photographer captures how NYC subway cars became plankton penthouses and an artist solicits voice mail messages to inspire works of art. Consider this post a short ride through the art world and internet. I’m

Top Ten Art Films

While there are a lot of well known documentaries about artists and art movements, I thought I’d focus on films for this top ten list. The lives of artists are often a mixture of the inspiring and the tragic. I suppose that is why a