Literal Status Update Day

You wake up, head to your computer, head to Facebook or Twitter, and then hit the wall.

The little cursor blinks, and beckons you to write 140 characters of sheer unmatched brilliance. It commands you to make it fun, to make it witty, and to make it memorable. And deep down, all you want to do is type out the truth.

“I am sitting at the computer.”

“I am eating a taco.”

“I am using the urinal.”

Because, deep down in your gut, you know that’s what a Status Update is supposed to be. An update on your status. Not a quip, a koan or a damn haiku. Your status, right at that moment, transmitted to the world.

So for one blessed day, all of us Status Updaters are free to use these services like they’re intended to be used. Literally.

September 9, 2009 (9.9.09) and every 9.9 afterwards is officially Literal Status Update Day. A day where we update our status literally, update it frequently, and let all of our friends know exactly what we are doing, every minute of the day.

“I am walking up the stairs.”

“I am about to cross the street.”

“I am putting on some pants.”

And hopefully, if enough people take part, our Facebooks, our Twitters, our HootSuites and TweetDecks will be happy cascades of facts, without all that overthought, overwrought drivel.

Let’s cut the fat. Wednesday September 9, let’s keep to the point.

I will see you then.



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3 Responses

  1. Ji-Un Kwon says:

    kudos to whoever can put on pants and update at the same time.

  2. Jamie says:

    I am commenting on your post. T-minus seven days.

  3. I’m in. Obviously… I guess I’m pictured below… with a really silly chinstrap beard. I swear I only wore that for a month over 7 years ago!

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