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When Trailer B changes a movie’s plot it will suck

There is a weird phenomenon with movies that are going to be absolute duds and their trailers. A movie will have its first trailer come out 6 to 9 months in advance of the film. It’s the first long one and is working towards getting people to come and see it. In the below example I have the movie “How Do You Know”. It portrays Owen Wilson as a douschebag, and Paul Rudd as a lovable yet hapless man who needs to make a change. He finds Reese Witherspoon at this crossroads in his life, and they find love. This is almost assuredly the plot of the film.

A few months go by, and the bigwigs are starting to get nervous. Interest for the film doesn’t seem to be very high by whatever measurements they have. The movie is almost definitely going to be a dude

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