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Daily Archives: June 11, 2009

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An Open Letter to Carrie Prejean: Please go away.

Dear Miss Prejean, I’ve recently noticed that you’re back in the headlines. I’m not sure how I managed to come by this news an entire day late, seeing as how your face is plastered all over television and the internet… including (who incidentally posts

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Evony: Work Safe MMO

I like to check out who is advertising on popten from time to time. So when I saw an ad for Evony: Forever Free, a new MMO, I had to check it out. I signed up last week and have been playing it for about

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Requiem for the A Button

At E3 2009, Microsoft unleashed a demon. A week has gone by, and for people like me (gamers) the words Project Natal already mean something. If they don’t mean something to you (or if you missed Vic’s earlier post), let me try to sum it