Top 10 World Records from the Universal Record Database


Have you ever wanted to have one record that no one else could touch? One piece of the pie no matter how small or insignificant it was? We’ve all heard of the Guiness Book of World Records. We all know exactly how they choose their winners. Now our new media culture has something for us. The Universal Record Database. Instead of some random people who claim to know from their encyclopedic knowledge who is worthy of a world record it is now up to us to choose, rate, and decide.

Go stake your claim at:

The competition is already getting pretty stiff for some of these, but if you can come up with something completely new you can always submit a new record. My Top 10 amazing records after the jump.

10. Fastest Sorting of Skittles by Color

9. Most Countries Visited in 24 Hours

8. Longest Shhishing – (Although I think I could do better)

7. Most Money Destroyed for Profit

6. Fastest Beer Shotgun

5. Most Burps in One Minute

4. Fastest Drinking of A Syrup Bottle

3. Binder Clips on Face

2. Most Fish Sandwich Pictures Looked at in One Minute

1. Toothpick Beard

I happened upon this fantastic website because of something called the workbook project. They have been making a new show called Radar, and it definitley seems to have it’s hand on the pulse of emerging net oddities. They also have parties in the city sometime. So – keep your eye out for those as well if you’re an East Coaster.

Juan Carlos Pineiro Escoriaza

Juan Carlos directed two acclaimed films: "Know How" a musical written and acted by youth in foster care, and "Second Skin" a documentary on virtual worlds. He is Director of Social Action Impact & Public Affairs at Participant Media, and the Founder of White Roof Project, a nonprofit organization curbing climate change. @jcpe

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