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Daily Archives: March 19, 2009

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Animated Apocalypse: ARK

This haunting and gorgeous short animated film out of Poland is a striking commentary on the end of the world, or the perceived end of the world for that matter. With an excellent twist, an amazing use of both computer and animation techniques, a rich

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It’s Madness!!

Some days I find myself stopping for a moment and cursing my Liberal Arts degree. I’m grateful that I did it, I’m thrilled with the people I met and the things I learned… but Tuesday (for example) I actually said out loud “Crap, it wasn’t

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Our Brains Fail at 27

If you need an antidote for happiness, here it comes. Brace yourself. A new study from the University of Virginia found that our mental powers peak at age 22. AND THEN BEGIN DECLINING AT AGE 27. Which is now to be considered the onset of