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Daily Archives: February 23, 2009

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What do you know…. Shaqtastic!

So I recently broke my leg. Which means many things but most expensively it means that I’ve been taking a lot of taxis. The NYC taxis have a tv on the seat that shows on repeat the following three things: 1. an intro on how

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02.23.09 My Top Ten RIGHT NOW

1. ALBUM Whisper House Duncan Sheik This fantastic 10-song cycle is a gorgeously orchestrated group of songs set in the WWII-era all about ghosts and the stories they tell. It is sung to perfection by Sheik and guest vocalist Holly Brook, and has many shades

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If Disney Were a Heavy Rock Band…

…That band would be Majesty. Who is Majesty? Majesty is a product of the conjoined efforts of John Myung, Mike Portnoy, and John Petrucci; more widely recognized as Dream Theater. Dream Theater, originally formed by these three in 1985, is a heavy rock/progressive metal band