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If Disney Were a Heavy Rock Band…

…That band would be Majesty. Who is Majesty? Majesty is a product of the conjoined efforts of John Myung, Mike Portnoy, and John Petrucci; more widely recognized as Dream Theater. Dream Theater, originally formed by these three in 1985, is a heavy rock/progressive metal band that combines amazingly technical instrumentals with beautiful, yet experimental composition. Although they have mostly remained underground and probably won’t hit the mainstream epidemic, Dream Theater is definitely not a band to be underestimated.

What does this have to do with Disney? Well, I reiterate that if Disney were a heavy rock band, they would be Dream Theater. I only recently came across this magical band through my attempts to expand my musical horizons. Instantly, I was drawn in by the triumphant tones and emotional depth Dream Theater’s music brought to me. I assimilated this to Disney almost instantaneously while listening to Endless Sacrifice and only strengthened my feelings after hearing several other tracks. Their songs present simplified stories as many rock songs do; but more closely resembling the Disney theme, they have this powerful, yet circus-like appeal to them. One might easily fall into a trance with emotions in flux, morphing from bliss to sorrow then rising in triumph. It’s almost an inexplicable connection that I hope is seen by others. Either way, dive in and feel the power of Dream Theater for yourself…

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