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Ode to the Strikethrough

Ever since I first saw it creasing out jokes in Kotaku and Boing-Boing posts, I knew I had to make it mine. I had found the text formatting equivalent of a half-dried pencil eraser a soulmate.

Some FDR document or something

Yes, I’m in love with completely in love with the strikethrough.

Because sometimes you want to make two seemingly contradictory complementary statements at once. This happens to me ALL THE TIME. It’s an extension of the whorehouse restaurant problem… I can’t decide what to order, two things look good, and I want to try them both. The strikethrough is a bed plate with both options on it… and when that’s on the menu, I’ll order it every time.

And sometimes, as above, you want to say something without saying it. It is a classic defensive move… you can now get away with saying you kill shiba inu puppies for fun anything, and your reader is constitutionally unable to call you on it, because you crossed it out! If you happen to be reading things that are CLEARLY crossed out, that’s your own problem, you nosy bastard.

Now for a long time, I was a strikethrough OBSERVER… until I learned the (fairly simple) html to put a strikethrough in any html-friendly text or comment area. Simply use a <del> tag like this: <del>strikethrough this text</del>. (If your curious, the reason I can type this without it striking through in the text above is because our blog has a strikethrough BUTTON, right next to italics. Yes, we are awesome.

Now you, too, know how to use the greatest internet invention since swap.avi sliced bread. You have a pencil with a shitty eraser. Go forth and use it for evil good.

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