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Daily Archives: October 13, 2008

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Tenth Grade: The Birth of Music

I’ve had this theory forever, but recently started sharing it with friends, and they agree: Our core taste in music- the foundation upon which it is all built- happens somewhere during tenth grade.

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The Financial Crisis

So the economy kind of went to shit, huh? I guess we’ve been hearing about this for a while – but man – I did not expect anything like last week. Times are bad, and unfortunately, this whole thing is really complicated, which means politicians

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10.13.08 My Top Ten RIGHT NOW

1. ALBUM Hello…X Tristan Prettyman Another excellent female singer/songwriter! I know, shocking for me, and you ask when will it stop, and I say NEVER! Her songs are catchy without being redundant; the sound has a bit of twang without digressing into coffee shop boredom.