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Uh, yeah…I’ll have some pitch bends, a drum pad, a sequencer side and a tall cutout. Actually scratch the pitch bends, I’ll just stick with the freestyle synth-pad. Okay, so these aren’t things you would expect to find at your local fast food establishment, but you can get them to go. If you like music, if you like making music, then you’ll love Korg’s DS-10 for the Nintendo DS!!

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This program (it’s arguable whether it can be considered a game) is spectacular. It has everything you need to create personal synthetic masterpieces from scratch. To start it has a sequencer, complete sound control (pitch, attack, decay, release, etc…), a touch sensitive drum pad, a mixer, an FX generator, a full keyboard and the coolest feauture: a synth pad. The synth pad is way cool because you can literally create freestyle beats by dragging the stylus around the screen to form fluid (or not so fluid) rhythmic orgasms.

I personally am a techno/trance/electronica junkie so this is heaven to me, but even if you aren’t into the synthetic sounds of electronic music (and who isn’t; electric guitar anyone?) it’s a great way to learn about synthesizers and how to make your own fun tracks. Besides, if it weren’t for Korg, I wouldn’t know what attack, decay, or release are.

Let’s go over this one last time:


*Easy to use interface.

*Touch screen everything, from drum pad to keyboard to synth pad.

*Make great songs (that don’t necessarily have to be techno-ish).

*A much more creative way to spend hours than rotating various shaped blocks or chasing ghosts and eating floating dots.

*You could potentially be the next contemporary Beethoven of synth.

*Ohh….did I mention it’s portable? So while your dropping that ol’ deuce or falling asleep due to deprivation of oxygen on the local subway line, you can orchestrate a small digital synthony.


*Ummm……it costs money?

See for yourself…..this is way too cool to pass up. I was skeptical at first also, but I gathered the courage and bought it. Let me say, I’m completely and utterly happy with it!

Surely you can expect future posts regarding my new releases…Tales of the Synth: Music for the Homeless to Sleep To.

*One thing PopTen has taught me is that posting definitely leads to more leads. Hmmm, well amongst image searching for this post about the amazing new Korg DS-10 software I stumbled upon this update for another great new game! It’s called DJ Hero. And to think, I’ve spent so many nights inconclusively pondering how Activision would put themselves back in front of Rockband.

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