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Oh, by the way, Bang Camaro!?


Imagine the 80’s all over again. Now imagine the 80’s happening right now, in the new millennium.

Like every patriotic citizen of the United States, I am obliged to love and respect 80’s music. I’ve decided to spend my life pondering more important things like the meaning of life or ‘where hats come from’ rather than why I like the 80’s (maybe I’m biased as an 80’s baby).

I’m also partial to cliché pop culture stimuli, particularly in reference to addicting, senseless video games (a.k.a. Guitar Hero & Rockband). Being left out of the loop for a bit, I was neglected of the repetitive fun these games offer. So, I played…and played some more. That’s the end of that story, but to make sense of all this I introduce to you…Bang Camaro.

Upon my search for the most intricate guitar riffs and solos (I’m horrible with the chords) I’ve stumbled upon some very interesting new artists, at least to me they’re new. Among them I’ve been blessed to be introduced to An Endless Sporadic, Dragonforce, and Yngwie Malmsteen. Oh, and by the way, Bang Camaro!? I would definitely recommend all of the previous artists (very highly), but Bang Camaro is clever in a different way. Let’s just say they are a musical illusion. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but listen to their music (like the thugs say; it’s all good) and be fooled like I was.

It’s like time travel!! (Mind you, they’ve only been active 3 years with their first album release in ’07!)

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