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Top Ten Inspirational 80s Songs

If you know me in real life, there is a good chance you know that in real life I work in the Digital Media Department at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. There is also a pretty good chance you know that I have been working

Top Ten Commercial Songs – Take Three

Time for a round up of the songs I like in recent commercials.(See other commercial songs posts here and here.) These ones all break down to football, cars, and winter. I think it is time for booze to step up its game – they are

Top Ten New Bands of 2010

I really only took one factor into account when figuring out what constitutes a new band in this list: their first full length album was released in this country in this calendar year. So you may try to argue that some of these bands don’t

Top 10 Substitute F*ck Songs, a la Glee

On this past week’s episode of Glee, Gwyneth Paltrow guest starred as the super-cool-and-hip substitute teacher. She came into a classroom flush with discontent for the outdated song choices put before them (which is a bit silly, in my opinion, since they’ve had full episodes

A Mix For 10.10.10

Since this is Popten, it is only fitting there be a top ten list for 10/10/10. Well… okay, it’s a day late. Did you see my motorcycle mix? I am home recovering from a skin graft; so please accept my most humble apologies. But to

Motorcycle Accident-Inspired Mix

If you follow me on twitter, you may already know that 6 days ago I had an unfortunate mishap with a motorcycle (pictured above). It was not an accident, per se, as it was safely parked. In an only-would-happen-to-Morgan especially-when-she’s-on-vacation kind of way, my foot

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Double Rainbow Mix

It’s been a month since I first laid eyes on the Double Rainbow video, and by now I hope you have all seen it as well. But just in case, let me break it down for you. Double Rainbow is, in my humble opinion, the