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War on Drugs over! Drugs win!

A momentous day has come. Gil Kerlikowske, Obama’s brand new drug czar has ended the war on drugs. In his first ever interview after his appointment he explained to the Wall Street Journal, “Regardless of how you try to explain to people it’s a ‘war

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Obama Kills Correspondents at Dinner

No he didn’t. Obama kills at his first White House Correspondents Dinner. I think this man has a future in stand up starting in 2017. My favorite line was directed at Dick Cheney. Obama excuses Cheney’s absence by saying he was working on his memoir


So I made my once monthly check of Gawker today and found this gem. Look at this Fucking Hipster is the best reminder of why so many of us popteners live in Queens. Each picture of a hipster has an amazing caption. This picture’s caption

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Top Grand Canyon Animal Encounters

In anticipation of celebrating my mom’s 65th birthday my family floated and camped through the Grand Canyon for seven days. Because of the killer rapids and strict regulation we went with a guided group. OARS had every thing from filet minon to guides with comprehensive

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Get Some American Experience

Holy cow. Where did my socks go? American Experience: We Shall Remain: Trail of Tears totally knocked them off. I just watched it last night on PBS, and now I have to donate. This is the third in a series of five, hour and a

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Japanese Game Show Win

After I showed my brother’s girl friend the WTF Asia post, she alerted my to the much funnier Japanese game show clip. This show is basicallty a Russian roulet of wierd tortures. The catch is that it takes place in a library, and you can’t

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Noah Slayed the Sabertooth

Last Tuesday I caught the newest NOVA, Last Extinction, detailing the demise of megafauna, i.e. the woolly mammoth, giant sloth, and sabertooth tiger. This is one of the better NOVAs I have seen recently. It both ignites the imagination and teaches inspiring science. You can

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WTF Asia

There is a lot of talk about how globalization and the web are turning the world from a big place into a small one. I completely disagree, if anything the web allows us to see the true vastness of Earth. As evidence lets look to

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Comedy is the new news

With Jon Stewart fast becoming the most influential and news worthy commentator on TV is should come as no surprise Barak Obama chose the Tonight Show for a 27 minute interview. Leno to his credit kept most of the interview questions serious asking hard hitting