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Review: The Guild

I just had the pleasure of watching The Guild seasons 1 and 2 on a sweet two-disc set. I remember watching season 1 on the internet when it came out a couple of years ago. But I must say this show is definitely best when

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Rent is too Damn High Party FTW

Last week I stumbled on one of most revolutionary political parties in New York. It is called the Rent is too Damn High Party. One look at the web page, and I was sold. Jimmy McMillian (pictured above), a self avowed investigator and activist, is

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Inventing Avi is Hilarious!

I had the pleasure of watching the dress rehearsal for Robert Cary and Benjamin Feldman’s new play Inventing Avi (and other theatrical maneuvers). It was side splitting funny. The play, which is directed by Mark Waldrop, tells the behind the scenes story of how duplicitous

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Gmail Stopped Working! The sky is falling!

I am having an interesting moment. My gmail just stopped working. When I texted Juan Carlos I learned his was down as well. Suddenly it dawned on me. Gmail is broken! AHHHH. My connection to the world has been severed. Suddenly I am lost without

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Minotaur Tortures Prisoners at Gitmo – Hilarious!

Thank you Mr. Onion for making me laugh for so many years. This fake news is priceless. (Disclaimer: Theodore Barrett, the Former White House Press Secretary is my dear cousin Jay Potter. So my opinion is completely biased.) But you should watch this and draw

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Second Skin comes to Theaters

Above is a clip of Second Skin. (trailer) It was directed by Juan Carlos, and produced by Victor and I. Finally after years of toil it is coming to a theater near you, in LA, NYC, Austin, Boston, and Colorado springs. Its first showing is