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Top Ten Things I’m Ashamed to Say I Enjoyed

On the art of sentimentality… There is a sentimental streak that runs deep beneath the surface of my artistic soul and critical exterior shell. I like to think of it as my tasty sweet caramel center. This core value exerts itself in oddly strong reactions

Top Ten Things to View Whilst Sick

On the art of programming your viewing whilst sick… When sick, as in stuck in your bed not quite able to focus on book or magazine text, left with only audio visual aides to pass the time, the selection process becomes very intense. You have

11.01.10 My Top Ten RIGHT NOW

On the art of the movie sountrack… A recent conversation held well before the sun had risen turned my mind on to how odd it is that I listen to movie soundtracks daily, and rarely as background noise. To be clear, this is highly different

10.25.10 My Top Ten RIGHT NOW

On the art of stretching… No, I’m not referring to yoga. I’m currently at a lovely juncture in my young career of making a bit of a left turn, finally getting the opportunities that have more to do with my intended future and less to

10.18.10 My Top Ten RIGHT NOW

On the art of joy and the joy of art, also known as the American Musical… After last week’s decidedly dark entry on the world and the world of art, I felt it necessary to spend the week reconnecting with the unbridled joy that comes