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Convention Cheat Sheet

With Obama’s speech coming up tonight (btw 10 & 11 EST) I thought I’d put together a few of the more important speeches. Also, some of the Popten guys and gals are going to be at the Tank tonight to watch the big speech. They’ve

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We’re losing at Risk, and it Sucks.

McCain has been attacking Obama for opposing “The Surge” back in 2006, and he’s scoring some political points with the issue. Obama still won’t say it was a good idea, even though it seems to have been relatively successful. I couldn’t figure out why, but

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More Couch Art

In case you missed it – a few weeks ago, I decided that my couch was getting old and a little decrepit, and I wanted to spruce it up a little bit. Then I had an idea – why don’t I get anyone who comes

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The Hillary-Obama Deal

Obama and Hillary appeared together for the first time on Friday in Unity, NH (see above) and there was a lot of dissectable body language, jokes about high heels, and Hillary even made a crack about the “spirited debate” they had in the Primaries. Thats