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Sorry Stephen Hawking, I sorta disagree on the alien thing…

Well kind of. I mean Stephen Hawking is a bona fide genius, and he’s absolutely right – if aliens ever did show up on Earth, they’d probably want to rape and pillage us. I just don’t think they’re ever going to show – I’ve got a little bit of a different theory that occurred to me the other day: We’re never going to have actual physical contact with aliens – we’re just gonna be hanging out with them on the internet – and I think it could happen really soon.

Here’s how:

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WTF Congress

I’m really fucking tired of Congressmen talking shit about Obama because he hasn’t changed the culture of Washington. GUESS WHAT GUYS! YOU ARE THE CULTURE OF WASHINGTON! Do you come into my house, smash my windows, and then complain about the cold!? Get the fuck outta here. Of course the culture of Washington is fucked. We’ve got a bunch of hypocritical motherfuckers who complain about the paralyzed state of our system while they shove crowbars into the gears. There is a simple question: what the fuck are you doing about it? How are you going to help me, your employer, make this system work better!? Or are you going to cry and whine like a little fucking school boy and argue about who started it?

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New York State Politics. WTF!?

Pedro Espada. Ugghh. It makes you tired just thinking about it. Really? A democratic senator switched parties, ran the entire fucking capitol into the ground, froze any kind of legislative action at all… for months… and now he’s under ethics investigations? For what looks like

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WTF America

This will be the first in a series of i%&$#&%$#^%$#^%$#@^$%#^%&^**&^%&^&^* rants that reflect how annoyed I am about the unfortunate bulerfskhgfsiut co#%rdl#%kjmonger#%#asing dumbass fdf#%esu#king national conversation we’re having right now. Clearly brought to you by the good people behind Scotts Brown’s victory in the Senate yesterday.

What the fuck America. Guys. Really. Are we doing this? Are we going to screw ourselves so fucking bad that we can’t walk straight for years and half our lip goes numb and starts leaking spit? We need to Wake. The fuck. Up.

Right now there is a man named Glen Beck paid to go on television and claim we have the best healthcare in the world. And people believe him. WHAT THE FUCK!!! Dude. It’s not. Not even close. What the fuck is wrong with admitting that hey, maybe we oughta fix this shit? Are we middle aged housewives reading The Secret and convincing ourselves that thinking positively about the sorry fucking state of our healthcare system is somehow going to magically turn things around? Are we doing daily affirmations like Stewart Smalley to keep our collective self esteem above suicide levels? We have a problem. A serious fucking problem. Let’s fix it. This is not a point of contention. This is not up for discussion. This is US as a people coming together to fight for a common purpose. This is what we should be doing. And instead, we listen to beauty queens and snake oil salesman…

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Malcolm Gladwell and The Sports Guy

It seems like a strange marriage at first: Bill Simmons, a fratty sports obsessed ESPN Columnist chatting with Malcolm Gladwell, the bestselling uber-geek economist/smart guy. But it turns out that Gladwell is a huge sports fan and Simmons actually has a pretty speedy brain in there. Worth a read… part I, part II.

Liked this one from Gladwell:

Thanks for bringing up Tiger. First thought: Elin has nothing on Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes. Remember? When she suspected Andre Rison was up to no good, she took a fairway wood to five of his luxury cars and then burned down his house. This remains the gold standard against which all spurned women must be measured.

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Right Now Mix

Been having trouble with music recently. Not sure if this is just a phase people sometimes go through, or if I’m just getting old or something (which would be very depressing) but I just haven’t been excited about new music in a little while. This is an attempt to remember that I like new shit… everything (except the RJD2 instrumental section in the middle) was made in 2008 or 2009. Not totally right now, but hey… kinda close.

Enjoy… embedded mix after the jump…

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Santacon 2009 is happening Right Now

2008 santa ray… There’s a bunch of santa clauses running around today in New York City. It’s probably pretty awesome… If you want to go: (and check out too… classy)

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Blackwater – Our Very Own Corrupt Christian Crusaders

Well, the shit might be finally hitting the fan for Blackwater – the NY Times released an article today outlining a plot to cover up the Nisour Square massacre by bribing Iraqi officials: WASHINGTON — Top executives at Blackwater Worldwide authorized secret payments of about