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Top Ten Title Sequences That Make Me Want to See the Film

These days, the work that goes into creating some of the most innovative title sequences rivals the film itself. And let’s be honest; sometimes, it’s the only good thing to come out of it. (See: almost every romcom ever made).

*sorry, I couldn’t embed videos for all…

10. Dunya & Desie (ThreeDoubleYou)

This film is based on a Dutch television series about two best friends from different cultures. Its wonderfully quirky prop-based title sequence is the work of Balder Westein of ThreeDoubleYou, based in Amsterdam. Westein’s use of objects brings the audience into the film in a way that is immediately personal and helps establish the story with intimate details, even before we’ve seen a single frame of the film. I already want to know if they’re still friends!


9. BreadCrumbs (Satan’s Pearl Horses)

This is such a beautiful use of illustration and imagery. The film follows a group of filmmakers through the woods who come across two mysterious Hansel-and-Gretel-type kids. Creeeepy.

*Upon seeing the trailer, this might be one of the aforementioned overshadowing title sequences


8. Playgrounds (Oncesize)

This piece opened Holland’s Playgrounds Festival. It’s an amazing use of photography to create really subtle and sophisticated 3D imaging. No movie, but it makes me totally want to hang with the Dutch.


7. Ex Drummer (Koen Mortier)

Amazing mix of reverse photography and use of props. The action in this opening sequence Belgian film gives us great insight into these characters, three friends searching for a new drummer for their local band, and portends something violent and dark in their future. Am I right??? I must find out.


6. Earthwork (Stan Herd)

Crop-titles for a documentary about the inventor of crop art! FTW. Kudos for visual cohesion, and for making me want to know all about this crazy-specific vocation. LOVE.


5. Saippuaprines (Fake Graphics)

A comedy from Finland about a soap opera writer who falls in love with the star. The title sequence is a 3D rendering a script, with fun and vibrant effects that make the whole thing come to life.


4. 7 Miljonärer (Fake Graphics)

It’s not just cause this is a Swedish film (Go Sweden!). This sequence is the opening for a comedy about people fighting over a huge inheritance and the use of monopoly paraphernalia is especially inspired. Little details sprinkled throughout are made clear only after you watch the film. So… yeah, now I want to see it.


3. Splice (Kook Ewo)

I’m including this opening sequence, even though it makes my skin itchy, because it’s super disturbing. I actually meant to see this movie way back when it first came out because the trailer rocked my face off and Sarah Polley is fantastic. But the title designers knocked me over again… by grossing me out.


2. Ça Se Soigne? (Deubal)

Oh, the French! How they make such wonderful whimsical things that sing with romance and delight. This animated title sequence is truly captivating and full of imagination. The build-up is so organic and fluid, it just takes you for a ride… a ride filled with joy and whimsy.


1. Pocko/Magma (Captive)

This is freaking adorable. This was created for an exhibition of customized Russian Matryoshka dolls. “An uncompromised homage to the title sequence of Dr. No,” it’s also so cute I can’t stand it.

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