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Top Ten Movie Cliches Ad Campaign Posters

A friend of mine recently sent me an amazing promo poster created by New York International Latino Film Festival (NYILFF) ~ He works in the cubicle right next to them. It describes how much better life is when we watch films versus movies. After a little search I found 10 more ~ I love all these posters. They got me chuckling more than a few times. Okay, so there are eleven and I titled it 10. (Click on the image to download the full size version!)

11. In a horror movie, when the girl gets in the car

10. In a movie, when the villain has the unarmed hero at gunpoint

9. Must have lines in movies

8. When a housekeeper meets an attractive businessman in a movie

7. Computer geeks in movies

6. In a movie, how many times can a 6-round revolver be shot without reloading

5. Villain’s accuracy against the hero in a movie

4. Flower delivery vans in movies

3. Movies versus films and where they intersect in a diagram

2. What people think after leaving the theater

1. Producer’s Vision versus Director’s Vision

Pics via Ads of the World

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